Rayce Giddens

About Me

Rayce Giddens is a senior at Flora High School. He plays baseball and was named All-Conference last season. He plans to attend college to continue his baseball career. Off the field, Rayce is a part of the Clay County CEO class, he is a high honors student, and a member of student council. As of now, he plans on taking in all the knowledge and opportunities available. He loves hanging out with friends, listening to music, and driving around town. He likes to travel as well and plans on living in Florida later in his life.

About My Business

Again and Better buys shoes for cheaper than they should be sold for and then cleans and fixes them up to sell for the correct price. Most people when their shoes get a little dirty or scuffed will just get rid of them for cheaper than what they could go for if they put the time in to clean and do little repairs for little to no cost.






DISC Characteristics

  • Agreeable, Mild
  • Poised, Charming
  • Patient, Predictable
  • Systematic, Careful