Matalyn Freeman

About Me

Matalyn Freeman is a senior attending Flora High School. At school, she is a member of the student council, has been president of the book club for the past two years, and has made the High Honor Roll for the past three years. Outside of school, Matalyn is employed at the Farmers Market and Garden Center and spends much of her time during the summer there. In her free time, Matalyn enjoys spending time with family and friends, relaxing, and reading. As of now, she plans to obtain her master's in literature at a university and go on to teach.

About My Business

Mattie Q's is a barbeque rub and seasoning company. The seasoning and rubs made by Mattie Q's are women-owned and crafted with all-natural spices. The all-natural spices give a unique flavor to the different seasonings. I hope to embrace the feminine aspect of a women spice owned company.  Mattie Q's offers two different seasonings - Sweet and Smoky and Sassy Spice. The Sweet and Smoky is a unique blend of spices to give you a sweet and smokey taste to any desired food! Mattie Q's Sassy Spice seasonings combine a special blend of spices to give you the heat you desire! 






DISC Characteristics

  • Daring, Driving
  • Inspiring, Persuasive
  • Steady, Outgoing
  • Rebellious