Allison Czyzewski

About Me

Allison Czyzewski is a senior at North Clay Community High School. She participates in basketball, volleyball, and has just finished her last season of travel basketball. Allison currently holds a class officer position as treasurer and is involved with student council. Outside of school, she enjoys baking, spending time with her friends, and mentoring young girls through travel basketball.  She plans to become a coach someday. After high school, Allison plans to attend college and further her athletic career.

About My Business

Sweet Sips is a fun stand that'll pop up all around the community. It will provide a variety of fun drinks for all ages to enjoy. After you choose between our two sizes of drinks you can then choose between tea and lemonade and can add kiwi, strawberry, or peach boba as a refreshing drink to cheer up any day. 






DISC Characteristics

  • Agreeable, Mild
  • Charming, Convincing
  • Patient, Predictable
  • Careful